Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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Given NamesMary Dickinson
Was there a Will? Yes
Date of Will1821-11-14
Date Will was proved1824-02-25
Was an inventory completed? Yes
Date of inventory1824-02-17
Probate is for a woman? Yes
Abstract references a vessel? No
Abstract Parish of Waterborough, Queens County. Will dated 14 November 1821, proved 25 February 1824. "Having stipulated with My Husband John ARMSTRONG prior to our Marriage for this privilege" every particle of property I May justly Demand in right of My late Husband Saml. DICKINSON or otherwise to husband John ARMSTRONG, he to pay my step-daughter Mary ARMSTRONG £50. "Mary WOOD shall have the two last shimees That I shall Wear." Husband John ARMSTRONG sole executor. Witnesses: Samuel LYDEKKER, George CAMP, Elenor ARMSTRONG. Inventory, dated 17 February 1824, valued real and personal estate at £656 by Abiathar CAMP, William SPRINGER and Joseph H. DYKEMAN.
RS number69