Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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Family NameHEWLETT
Given NamesRichard
Was there a Will? Yes
Date of Will1789-07-21
Date Will was proved1789-08-29
Was an inventory completed? Yes
Date of inventory1790-06-28
Abstract references Blacks, Freemen,
Servants and/or Slaves?
Probate is for a woman? No
Abstract references a vessel? No
Abstract "Formerly of Hempstead, Queens County and State of New York, Esquire, But now of Hampstead, Queens County and Province of New Brunswick." Will dated 21 July 1789, proved 29 August 1789. Son Olliver(sic) stands indebted to me for £1,000 N.Y. currency, he to pay £106 10s. 9d. to my executors, that sum to be paid to my daughters, Hannah £34 19s. 3d., Ruth £32 7s. 9d. and Sarah £39 3s. 9d., which sums make them equal with what I have given my other daughters Phebe, Molly and Jane. Son Olliver to further pay £493 9s. 3d. within two years, which sum, after payment of my just debts, I give to my wife Mary, son Richard and daughters Phebe, Mary, Jane, Hannah, Sarah, Ruth and Charlotte. Wife, son Joseph and daughter Charlotte all personal estate in New Brunswick. My younger son Joseph all real estate in New Brunswick, he to maintain my wife and provide a home for daughter Charlotte while she remains unmarried. Sons Richard and Olliver all my right of Commonage in Hempstead, Queens County and State of New York. Residue of estate to be sold and proceeds divided between wife and children equally. Friend Thomas HANFORD, merchant, City of Saint John, son Joseph HEWLETT of Queens County, New Brunswick, son Richard HEWLETT and my son-in-law John VanNOSTRAND, son of Aaron, of Queens County in the State of New York, executors. Witnesses: Mary WENTWORTH, Nathan SMITH, James PETERS. CODICIL dated 22 July 1789 stipulates that bequests to wife were in lieu of dower right and provides, should she demand her dower right, one third of personal estate then given to son Joseph. Witnesses: Mary WENTWORTH, Nathan SMITH, James PETERS. A six page inventory of stock, tools, furniture and personal effects, dated 28 June 1790, valued at £336 by John KETCHUM and Archelaus CARPENTER, included "One Negro Boy" valued at £25.
RS number69