Archives provinciales du Nouveau-Brunswick

Wallace Hale - Dossiers successoraux anciens du Nouveau-Brunswick, 1785-1835

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Y avait-il un testament? Oui
Date du testament1808-03-18
Date à laquelle le testament a été attesté1808-08-03
Un inventaire a-t-il été dressé? Non
S'agit-il du dossier sucessoral d'une femme? Oui
Le résumé fait-il référence à un navire? Non
Résumé Parish of Maugerville, Sunbury County, widow. Will dated 18 March 1808, proved 13 August 1808. Nephew Theodorus CLOWS dwelling and lot purchased from Stephen PINE in Maugerville, and £300 at age 21, my furniture, cattle, utensils and implements. George CLOWS, the Natural Son of my brother Gerardus CLOWS to be supported until age 14 and then put to trade, and £300 at age 21. The sum of £40 to be put out at interest and the interest paid annually to my servant woman Peg. To the children of my brother Joseph CLOWS, Timothy, Mary, Edward, Gerardus, John and William, each £10. To Maria ROTHORY, niece of late husband, Capt. Edward ALLISON, £30. Cousin Milly CLOWS £20. Cousin Thomas CLOWS 20 [pounds] in trust for support of his sister Eleta CLOWS, wife of [Morris] SIMONSON and upon her decease, divided among her children. Cousins Samuel CLOWS and John LANGDON £25 each. My aged and respected friend Jemimah [GIBSON] £10. Brother Joseph CLOWS residue of estate. Thomas HORSFIELD, John ROBINSON, Charles T. PETERS, all of St. John County, executors. Witnesses: Richard CARMAN, Sarah CARMAN, James PETERS.
Numéro SD72