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Wallace Hale - Dossiers successoraux anciens du Nouveau-Brunswick, 1785-1835

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Y avait-il un testament? Oui
Date du testament1816-10-28
Date à laquelle le testament a été attesté1817-03-21
Un inventaire a-t-il été dressé? Non
S'agit-il du dossier sucessoral d'une femme? Non
Le résumé fait-il référence à un navire? Non
Résumé Sackville, Westmorland County, Yeoman. Will dated 28 October 1816, proved 21 March 1817. Son Christopher ATKINSON land on Island Marsh, marsh and upland now in his possession, 172 acres of woodland on the further side of [Black Birch] Hill and Lot 62 on Sunken Island Marsh. Son Joseph ATKINSON land on Island Marsh, half of Lot 14 on Coles Island Marsh, part of Lot 62 on West Marsh, 160 acres of woodland being Lots 16 and 17 on the Joggins. Son Amasa ATKINSON land on Island Marsh, 20 acre part of Lot 16 on Eau Lac Marsh, part of Lot 62 on Great Marsh, 40 acres of woodland being part of Lots 15 and 16 between Thomas BOWSER and Christopher ATKINSON, and 8 acres on Black Birch Hill. Son Robert ATKINSON land on Island Marsh, Lot 24 on Eau Lac Marsh, land on Great Marsh, 30 acres of woodland being part of Lots 15 and 16. Son Thomas ATKINSON, should he live to return, 17 acres on Great Marsh. Son Andrew ATKINSON land on Island Marsh, part of Lot 23 on Eau Lac Marsh, land on Great Marsh. Son William ATKINSON land on Island Marsh, Lot 22 in C division on Eau Lac Marsh, Lot 15 with the dwelling and buildings where I now dwell, that piece of upland and marsh on the Great Road known by the name of the Cow Pasture, sons Amasa and Robert having the privilege of pasturing two cows each upon the same for five years. Son John ATKINSON 5 shillings, he having been provided for. Daughter Ann RICHARDSON £70. Daughter Sarah BOWSER £70. Daughters Mary ATKINSON, Jane ATKINSON and Olive ATKINSON each £100 when they attain age 21 or when married. Daughter Elizabeth LOW an annuity of £10 for ten years. Son Andrew ATKINSON the old building now in possession of William BROWN and Anthony LOW to be removed at his pleasure with the consent of his guardian. Sons Amasa, Robert and Andrew each £30 to assist them in building houses on the land herein given to them. Residue of estate to sons Amasa, Robert, Andrew and William. Friend Andrew WHELDON Esq. and son Christopher ATKINSON guardians of my children, Amasa, Robert, Andrew, William, Jane and Olive during their minorities. Andrew WHELDON and Christopher ATKINSON executors. Witnesses: Rebeccah BOWSER, William BOWSER, William BOTSFORD. CODICIL dated 4 December 1816 appoints friend William CRANE Junr. Esq. to act as guardian of minor children and as executor jointly with those named in the will. Witnesses: George BOWSER, William BOWSER. CODICIL dated 13 January 1817 provides that interest arising from real and personal estate bequeathed to sons Andrew and William and daughters Jane and Olive be paid to son Christopher to support those four children for six years from my decease. Son Joseph ATKINSON's note of hand in my favour cancelled in lieu of his share of my personal estate. Appointment of William CRANE as a third guardian and executor repeated. Witnesses: Charles F. ALLISON, Henry PENDLETON, William BOTSFORD.
Numéro SD74