Archives provinciales du Nouveau-Brunswick

Wallace Hale - Dossiers successoraux anciens du Nouveau-Brunswick, 1785-1835

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Y avait-il un testament? Oui
Date du testament1833-07-20
Date à laquelle le testament a été attesté1834-07-17
Un inventaire a-t-il été dressé? Non
ComtéSaint John
S'agit-il du dossier sucessoral d'une femme? Oui
Le résumé fait-il référence à un navire? Non
Résumé No residence cited. St. John County records. Will dated 20 July 1833, proved 17 July 1834. Mary FRASER £300. Mrs. Martha EASTY £15. Mrs. Mary LINDSAY £50. To Anne GARATTY, a child indentured to me, £50 at age 21, and request that previous to that period she may be kept in some respectable family where she will be learnt habits of sobriety and industry and instructed in writing and arithmetic sufficient to enable her to make our a bill and at seventeen years of age the sum of £25 appropriated for her obtaining the art of dress making. My aunt Mrs. Amelie DAVIES, now residing in Southampton, England, £20 Sterling annually for life. William Henry SCOVIL the Dwelling House or Store adjoining the store owned and occupied by Messrs SCOVIL & INVERNESS at York Point slip. My stock in the New Brunswick Fire Insurance Company to Amelia Brannah SCOVIL. Mrs. Sarah HATHEWAY and Mrs. Mary LINDSAY to divide my trinkets and wearing apparel betwixt the daughters of James FRAZER, the Revd. E. SCOVIL, G. N. SCOVIL and H. SCOVIL. Residue of estate to brother Daniel SCOVIL, and should he predecease me, I constitute William Henry SCOVIL as residuary legatee in place of his uncle Daniel SCOVIL. My brother Daniel SCOVIL and my esteemed friend Revd. Elias SCOVIL executors. Revd. Elias SCOVIL £20 as token of my regard. Witnesses: Gilbert WILLIAMS, Isaac WILLIAMS, William McAFFREY, Mary WILLIAMS.
Numéro SD71