Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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Slaves, servants and apprentices were mentioned in some estate files, although the status was not always clear. The records also contained a scattering of estate files wherein freed slaves possessed and bequeathed property. Copies of all abstracts pertaining to slaves, servants, indentured servants and freed slaves were collected into the following index to facilitate searching.

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 Family NameGiven NamesCounty
Details BELILEWilliamYork
Details BROUGHTONLawrenceSaint John
Details BROWNTitusKings
Details BURREdwardSaint John
Details CAMPBELLRobertSaint John
Details CLOSSCaesarSaint John
Details COCKJohnSaint John
Details CORYSarahQueens
Details DEVEBERGabrielSunbury
Details DICKINSONNathanielKings
Details DUNNElizabethCharlotte
Details ELLEGOODJacobYork
Details HALLETTSamuelSaint John
Details HARDINGGeorgeSunbury
Details HARRISEuphemiaCharlotte
Details HARRISONCharlesSunbury
Details HEWLETTRichardQueens
Details HOLMESWilliamSaint John
Details HOLMESWilliamSaint John
Details HUMEJohnSaint John