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New Brunswick Great War Project

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Searching the database

There are three approaches to accessing the content of the newspaper excerpts. These approaches can be used singularly or in combination:

1. Search by newspaper name
2. Search by place name
3. Search by topic

The search topic feature allows searching within five major topics (community, economy, military, politics and religion). Major topic search results can be filtered by selecting a minor topic within the scope of the major topic.

There is also an option to search by title. This field will return results based on the caption or headline of an article. It is best to use this field based on results from a newspaper name, place name, or topic search.

For example, in searching the place name Minto, the list of results includes the term alien in the title field.

If you would like to explore this area further, hit the Reset button and type alien in the title search field. This search will return results for articles with alien in the caption/headline.

A Work in Progress

The New Brunswick Great War Project is a work in progress. We hope to develop a name index to the clippings as an additional search feature.

We are continuing to proof and verify the accuracy of the attestation records index. If you identify corrections in transcription we would be happy to receive your input.