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Données de l’état civil relevées par Daniel F. Johnson dans les journaux du Nouveau Brunswick

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Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 35 Numéro 1225

Date 9 avril 1874
Comté Saint John
Lieu Saint John
Journal Daily News

info Le langage employé dans les textes est tel qu’il a été transcrit par Daniel F. Johnson à partir des entrées dans les journaux originaux.

On Fas Day news was received in this city by the mail steamer from Buenos Ayres to the effect that two young daughters of Dr. B.A. GOULD of this city together with their female attendant were drowned at Cordova on 8th Feb. The children were Susan Morton Quincy GOULD, in her 12th year and Lucretia Goddard GOULD, in her 10th year. Dr. GOULD has been for four years in the employment of the Argentina Republic and had established an observatory at Cordova, 300 miles inland from Buenos Ayre, for the purpose of taking the stellography of the southern hemishpere. He was making great progress in his work, expecting to complete and return home in about a year. On the day of the sad occurrence the family were celebrating the eighth birthday of little son, Bennie GOULD, and also the high Sunday holiday of the Spanish Catholics by a picnic at the request of the faithful attendant who had been the boy's nurse, almost from the day of his birth. ... The children were buried the next day in one casket, the stricken father reading over them the burial service for children. The faithful girl was buried in her own consecrated ground with the rites of her own church. Her named was Alvina FONTAINE. She belonged to Digby, N.S. and was 25 years of age. - 'Boston Journal' (see original)