Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Index to Death registration of soldiers, 1941-1947 (RS141C6)

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Although it is not the responsibility of Vital Statistics in New Brunswick to register births, marriages, or deaths which occur outside of the Province, these "Certificates of Registration of Death" were placed on file to record the deaths of native-born World War II soldiers. They are not complete in that they do not include every New Brunswicker killed while 'in uniform' but nonetheless are a valuable source. They also include 6 or 7 non-Brunswickers: Americans and soldiers from other provinces. The form of the certificates is the same as used to record in-Province deaths (see RS141C5) and include vital information such as: date of birth, father's name and birthplace, mother's maiden name and birthplace, cause of death, etc. The microfilm includes both the Index compiled by the Archives and the certificates in chrono-alphabetical order.See F20079