Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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The Saratoga Convention, the terms of surrender agreed upon by Lieut.-Gen. John Burgoyne and American Gen. Horatio Gates. The terms were not honoured by Congress.

Massachusetts Banishment Act, of 1778.

The Confiscated Estates of Boston Loyalists, John T. Hassam, 1895.

New York Act of Attainder, passed 1779.

Muster Roll of the disbanded 74th Argyle Highlanders at St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, May 24th 1784.

British Officers in America 1754 - 1774, Worthington Chauncey Ford, pub. 1894-5.

List of the inhabitants of Boston evacuated by the British in March, 1776, to Halifax.

Return of the Number of Men, Women and Children of the British and Foreign Regiments, New Levies and Civil Departments, Victualled at New York and the Out Posts the 20th August 1781.

Roll of Officers of the British American or Loyalist Corps during the American Revolution.,

Nova Scotia Bound, Refugees at New York bound for Nova Scotia, circa 1781.

The Claim of the American Loyalists Reviewed and Maintained upon Incontrovertible Principles of Law and Justice. Probably written by Joseph Galloway.

First Act of Attainder enacted by the State of Georgia in 1778.

Disqualification Act passed by the British when control of Georgia was regained in 1780.

British Act of Attainder passed by the British government in Georgia in 1781.

Bill of Attainder, Banishment and Confiscation enacted by the State of Georgia in 1782.

Return of Men, Women & Children Arrived at Annapolis from New York, 19 October, 1782

List of Persons Attainted of High Treason, in Pursuance of the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Loyalists muster roll in New Brunswick, 1785.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Loyalists, their settlement or dispersion.

Conspiracy and Confiscation Acts of Massachusetts, passed in 1779.

Ferguson's Corps, "the American Volunteers," commanded by Major Patrick Ferguson, inventor of the first breech-loading rifle used by the British Army.

Addressers of Gage — Address Presented to His Excellency Governor Gage, June 11th, 1774, on his Arrival at Salem.

Addressers of Hutchinson — Address of the Merchants and Others of Boston to Gov. Hutchinson, Boston, May 30, 1774.

Complete transcript of the Court Martial of Captain Richard Lippincott, charged with the murder of Joshua Huddy,

Extracts from the Proceedings of a Board of General Officers of the British Army at New York, 1781.

The 55 Petitioners, Loyalist Refugees at New York, each seeking grants of 5,000 acres of land in Nova Scotia.

New York Loyalists' Memorial in response to the July 2nd 1782 petiton for lands by the famous (or infamous) Fifty-Five.