Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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Campbell, Wilfred   Report on Manuscript Lists in the Archives Relating to the United Empire Loyalists

Flick, Alexander Clarence, Ph.D.   Loyalism in New York During the American Revolution.

Hammond, Otis Grant   Tories of New Hampshire in the War of the Revolution.

Jones, E. Alfred, ed.,   Journal of Alexander Chesney, a South Carolina Loyalist and After

Report on Manuscripts in the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Vol. I., 1747 to 1779. H.M.S.O. London, 1904. — documents and correspondence relating to the American Revolution, refugee memorials, etc.

Siebert, Wilbur H.   The Colony of Massachusetts Loyalists at Bristol, England

Siebert, Wilbur H.   Dispersion of American Tories

Siebert, Wilbur H.   The Flight of American Loyalists to the British Isles

Siebert, Wilbur H.   Kentucky's Struggle With Its Loyalist Proprietors

Siebert, Wilbur H.   Loyalist Refugees of New Hampshire

Siebert, Wilbur H.   The Loyalists of Pennsylvania.

Siebert, Wilbur H.   Exodus of the Loyalists from Penobscot to Passamaquoddy

State of New Jersey   Minutes of the Provincial Congress and the Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey (1774-1776)

Stryker, William S.   The New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalists) in the Revolutionary War