Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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Acts of the New Brunswick Legislature 1786 to 1836

Currency in New Brunswick between 1786 and 1835, including value of foreign currencies.

Evolution of the Counties and Parishes of New Brunswick from the creation of the two original counties in 1759 to the county divisions in 1836.

The Loyalists and Slavery in New Brunswick, I. Allen Jack, Q.C., 1898.

The Slave in Canada, T. Watson Smith, D.D., discusses slavery both before and after the coming of the Loyalists.

The Negro in New Brunswick, Rev. W. O. Raymond, LL.D., probably written in 1903 expressly for Neith.

On the Early History of New Brunswick, by Moses H. Perley, 1841.

A Letter from Fredericton, author unknown, published 1832 in the New Brunswick Courier.

Woodstock's Industries, published in The Carleton Sentinel, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Saturday, 20 October 1877 et seq. issues.

Remarks on the Navigation of the upper part of the River Saint John, by steam. Published in the New Brunswick Courier, Saint John, New Brunswick, 29 June 1833 issue.

The King's New Brunswick Regiment.

1803 Report by Lieut. Arthur Nicholson on the State of Population in the District next above the Parishes of Woodstock and Northampton, extending to the River De Chute.

New Brunswick in 1802 by G. O. Bent, with notes by Rev. W. O. Raymond.

Sunbury County Documentsfor Major G. Studholm, Commandant at Fort Howe, 30 June, 1783.