Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Canada as seen through the Eyes of New Brunswick Editorial Cartoonists:
The Insight and Humour of Josh Beutel and Bill Hogan

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2047349    This site has several components, all based on the editorial cartoons of Josh Beutel and Bill Hogan. Over time the archives will continue to digitize, describe, and integrate more cartoons onto the site. Both cartoonists were prolific so what is presented here is just a beginning and barely scratches the surface of the genius of these two artists.

    The site has three main sections. The Introduction provides an explanation of the philosophy behind editorial cartoons, a summary of the history of the editorial cartoon in Canada, biographies of the two cartoonists represented in this site, an overview of the role of archives, and links to other sites about editorial cartoons. The database section provides four mechanisms to view the cartoons - by cartoonist, by persons depicted in the cartoons, by major issues that are the subject of the cartoons, and through a full text search. The third section provides classroom activities using the cartoons as a basis for analysis and discussion.

    Have fun and if you are seeing these for the first time, don’t suppress the laughs, groans, or the tugging at the heart strings: that’s not good for you. If you have seen these cartoons before in the newspapers or in books where they have appeared, enjoy both the memories they bring back and the emotions they elicit.