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The War of 1812 document exhibit

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Privateers were an integral part of the naval component of the War of 1812. Vessels from both the American eastern seaboard and Maritime colonies were licensed by their respective Governments to pursue a semi-legitimate strategy of seizing ships and cargo to thwart the supply lines of the enemy. This cat and mouse game among the islands and coves along the coast witnessed many dangerous exploits and the auctioning of captured ships and cargo was a lucrative incentive for investors on both sides.

The Dart was one of the more renowned privateers involved in the profitable but dangerous coastal aspect of the conflict. The Dart itself was a spoil of privateering. The former American ship Actress, the Dart made two voyages in 1813. During the second, captained by John Ross out of Saint John, the Dart was captured off Rhode Island on October 22, 1813 by the US revenue cutter Vigilant.

This document is the articles of agreement which outline the conditions established by the financiers of the expedition and contains the names of the crew.



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