Other Indexes

In addition to surname, users can access Irish records from either the New Brunswick 1851 or 1861 census by several other headings. Once the 1851 or 1861census is chosen the records can be sorted by New Brunswick county, religion, where in Ireland the individual is from, or the year in which they landed. Once a sub set of records have been displayed by the criteria you have selected, that sub set can be further sorted by any of the other headings. Please note, when sorting columns alphabetically by the Where From header that many records contain no information in this column. As a result you may need to proceed ahead a few pages into the results to find entries in the column as those with blank fields are displayed first.

Each index is displayed alphabetically or numerically under the heading you have chosen and then alphabetically by surname. Regardless of which heading you have selected all of the details transcribed from the census including Year Landed, Age, Religion, Place, County, and From will be displayed. To sort the table by another column click the column header.

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