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Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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Family NameBROWN
Given NamesTitus
Was there a Will? Yes
Date of Will1816-01-15
Date Will was proved1816-09-25
Was an inventory completed? Yes
Date of inventory1816-10-20
Abstract references Blacks, Freemen,
Servants and/or Slaves?
Probate is for a woman? No
Abstract references a vessel? No
Abstract Parish of Kingston, Kings County. Will dated 15 January 1816, proved 25 September 1816. Wife all real and personal estate for life. At her death, 200 acres on the south side of my farm to Richard WHELPLEY, he to pay his daughter Eliza £100 at age 18. To my sister's daughter Martha CRAWFORD £20. To the black woman Susanna BRANCHER who is now living with me £40 at the death of my wife. To all heirs who may have any lawful claim 5 shillings each. The remaining hundred acres on the north side of my farm to son Major BROWN, and if he is not living, to Richard WHELPLEY's son Titus Brown. Wife (named "Martha BROWN" in probate records) and Richard WHELPLEY executors. Witnesses: Joel CRAWFORD, John WILLIAMS, William Henry WILLIAMS. Inventory, dated 20 October 1816, valued at £794 by Benjamin B. CRAWFORD, Jacob HOLDER and John WILLIAMS.
RS number66