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Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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Family NameDEVEBER
Given NamesGabriel
Was there a Will? Yes
Date of Will1827-05-21
Date Will was proved1827-06-26
Was an inventory completed? No
Abstract references Blacks, Freemen,
Servants and/or Slaves?
Probate is for a woman? No
Abstract references a vessel? No
Abstract Parish of Burton, Sunbury County. Will dated 21 May 1827, proved 26 June 1827. Son Gabriel all land in Burton and at his death to be divided among his three brothers, Nathaniel Hubbard DeVEBER, William Edwin Nelson DeVEBER and Levert Hubbard DeVEBER. Daughter Mary DeVEBER £30 yearly for life. Nephew Nathaniel HUBBARD and niece Eliza HUBBARD £10 each. To my black woman Catharine [HARIMM ?] and my black boys James [HEAD] Othellow [HAMMON] each £5. Three sons, Nathaniel Hubbard DeVEBER, William Edwin DeVEBER and Levert Hubbard DeVEBER executors. Witnesses: Cushi HATHEWAY, W. M. HAZEN, B. W. HUBBARD.
RS number72