Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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Family NameHARRIS
Given NamesEuphemia
Was there a Will? Yes
Date of Will1813-09-28
Date Will was proved1813-09-01
Was an inventory completed? No
Abstract references Blacks, Freemen,
Servants and/or Slaves?
Probate is for a woman? Yes
Abstract references a vessel? No
Abstract Parish of Pennfield, Charlotte County. Will dated 22 8mo 1813, proved 28 September 1813. Mother Margaret LOOFBOURROW bed, wearing apparel and a decent maintenance. Son John HARRIS education and support, balance of farm at age 21. Servant Silve, a black woman, 50 acres off the farm where I live for her life, after her decease to her son George FIELD. If son John die, land to the children of my brother Nathaniel LOOFBOURROW. Joshua KNIGHT and Moses VERNON executors. Witnesses: Jesse WALTON (a Quaker), John TOTTEN, Euphemia PAUL.
RS number63