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Attestation(s)FederatedFamily NameGiven NamesDate of BirthPlace of Birth
   AndrewsAbraham1872-10-10Saint John, NB
   AndrewsAndrew1893-03-17London, England
   AndrewsBert1895-05-25Oxford, NS
   AndrewsBoyd Elthan1895-02-09Port George, NS
   AndrewsErnest Earl1895-12-18Saint John, NB
   AndrewsFrank1895-09-06Saint John, NB
   AndrewsGeorge1894-08-19Saint John, NB
   AndrewsHarold1891-10-02Saint John, NB
   AndrewsHarry1889-02-19Saint John, NB
   AndrewsHarry Clifford1897-01-10Saint John, NB
   AndrewsHugh Leslie1897-08-24Little River, NB
   AndrewsJames Howard1897-04-09Marboro, PE
   AndrewsJasper Boyd1896-06-13QC
   AndrewsJohn1894-10-05Ripples, NB
     AndrewsJohn1897-10-19Sussex, NB
   AndrewsJohn Abraham1900-08-04Hlft, NS
   AndrewsJohn George1888-02-22--
   AndrewsJohn Vernon1894-12-16Saint John, NB
   AndrewsLeonard William1897-05-18Saint John, NB
   AndrewsLeslie1895-11-01Saint John, NB
   AndrewsPercy Thorne1891-02-10Bathurst, NB
   AndrewsPhilip Stephen1889-03-28Bathurst, NB
   AndrewsThomas1894-12-24Saint John, NB
   AndrewsThomas, Sr.1871-04-16Saint John, NB
   AndrewsWilliam1882-12-10Sheffield, NB
   AndrewsWilliam "Willie" George1897-02-18Birmingham, England
   AndrewsWilliam James1893-01-03Woodstock, NB
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Showing 1 to 31 of 31 records found