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Index to Registers of Letters Patent and Supplementary Letters Patent Issued, 1885-1976 (RS17A2/1)

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Registers of Letters Patent and Supplementary Letters Patent Issued ©


Letters Patent, Supplementary Letters Patent, and various supporting documents have been transferred to the Provincial Archives from Corporate Services, Department of Justice. One series of registers transferred comprises 26 volumes of Registers of Letters Patent and Supplementary Letters Patent Issued, 1885-1976. These volumes were used by Corporate Affairs to give a synopsis of information concerning companies registered.

When all information was provided, each page of each register shows Name of Company being issued the letters patent, Head Office, Capital Stock, Date of Issue, Original Incorporators, etc., and information about supplementary letters patent, where applicable. Registrations are also annotated to show cancellation, forfeiture, surrender, change of name, continued out, amalgamation, bankruptcy, or winding up, and date of such activity. It should be noted that in the back of book A1 there is a list of the dates of issuance of letters patent to Agricultural Society Districts #1 - #197 (1888-1924).

Using the Index:
The Index provided here is to these 28 volumes of registration. The index provides the following information:

B: Book
This is the reference to a register (lettered A to Z).

Page number within the register.

Sequence Shows the order of events in cases where an amendment has resulted in the change of name, amalgamation, etc. For example, in Book A, page 139, the original company went through various changes where: 1) White, Colwell Company Limited was first registered in 1894 but changed its name in 1896 to 2) White Candy Company Limited, and again changed its name in 1913 to 3) Corona Company Limited which surrendered its charter in 1941. This sequence is numbered "1)", "2)", "3)".

This is the corporate name. Reasonable effort was made to accurately transcribe names as found in the registers. Note that in cases such as JOHN SMITH LTD. or C. JONES COMPANY, names were indexed as SMITH, JOHN, LTD. and JONES, C., COMPANY for ease of access because researchers usually remember the surname associated with a company. To index an entity under the given name or initial might be to lose it among the over 18,000 entries in the index.

The year of initial registration.

Relates to type of amendment affecting the registered entity; such as forfeiture, change of name, cancellation, surrender, winding up, revival, amalgamation, etc. Following the "Sequence", as described above, helps interpret the amendments.

Date of Amendment
The date (year-month-day) of amendment of the letters patent by supplementary letters patent.

The number of the roll of film containing the register.

Researchers should note that this is a cumulative index to the registration volumes and not a comprehensive index to the Letters Patent themselves. Letters Patent are filed by year and each year has its own index: those interested in using these records must attend the Provincial Archives at 23 Dineen Drive on the campus of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. They are not on microfilm.

Viewing the Complete Record:
The registers are available only on microfilm. The microfilm number is included in the index, along with the reference codes. The films can be viewed at the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, or at a library participating in the inter-library or inter-archives microfilm loan program.

List of Registers on Microfilm:

Book Date of Registrations Microfilm

A1 1885, November to 1903, October F18801
A2 1903, November to 1911, August F18802
A3 1911, August to 1919, June F18803
B 1919, June to 1924, January F18804
C 1924, January to 1930, December F18805
D 1931, January to 1937, September F18806
E 1937, September to 1946, July F18807
F 1946, July to 1949, July F18808
G 1949, July to 1953, January F18809
H 1953, February to 1955, November F18810
I 1955, November to 1958, April F18811
J 1958, April to 1960, July F18812
K 1960, July to 1962, March F18813
L 1962, March to 1963, November F18814
M 1963, November to 1965, April F18815
N 1965, April to 1966, November F18816
O 1966, November to 1968, April F18817
P 1968, April to 1969, May F18818
Q 1969, May to 1970, November F18819
R 1970, November to 1971, December F18820
S 1971, December to 1972, September F18821
T 1972, October to 1973, August F18822
U 1973, August to 1974, March F18823
V 1974, March to 1974, November F18824
W 1974, November to 1975, June F18825
X 1975, June to 1975, December F18826
Y 1976, January to 1976, June F18827
Z  unused