The Corporate Information Management Unit of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick publishes Directives and Standards to assist all New Brunswick government organizations in implementing effective practices when managing records and information.

Document Title Size
.pdf Download Naming Conventions for Electronic Documents - Directives 394 kb
.pdf Download Electronic Information Management Directives 621 kb
.pdf Download Preparing to Manage Electronic Information Directives 159 kb
.pdf Download Office of Primary Responsibility Changes Directives 247 kb
.pdf Download The Secure Destruction of Records - Directives 391 kb
.pdf Download Identifying and Handling Records and Non-Records - Directives 437 kb
.pdf Download Managing e-mail and Electronic Communications - Directives - what to keep and what to delete 226 kb
.pdf Download Email Management for Senior Officials - Directives 397 kb
.pdf Download Ministers’ and Deputy Ministers’ Records - Directives 219 kb
.pdf Download Using Records Centre Services - Directives 782 kb
.pdf Download Retention of Computer System Backups - Directives 267 kb
.pdf Download Preparing Pupils' Cumulative Records for Microfilming Directives 862 kb