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Vital Statistics from Government Records (RS141)

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IndexDescriptionYearsRecordsLast updated
141A1b Index to Late Registration of Births 1810-1924 112,418 2020-11-25
141A1c Index to Late Registration of Births: County Series 1869-1901 2,294 2019-09-10
141A2/2 Index to County Birth Registers 1800-1919 87,968 2020-11-27
141A5 Index to Provincial Registrations of Births 1870-1924 169,726 2020-11-23
IndexDescriptionYearsRecordsLast updated
141B7 Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1847-1969 286,556 2020-11-27
IndexDescriptionYearsRecordsLast updated
141C1 Index to County Death Registers 1885-1921 40,447 2020-08-11
141C4 Provincial Returns of Deaths 1815-1919 84,189 2020-10-29
141C5 Index to Death Certificates 1918-1969 246,718 2020-11-25

RS141A1b INTRODUCTION: Late Registration of Births: Documentation Index ©

There was no official civil registration of births in New Brunswick prior to that required by the An Act to Provide for the Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in 1887 (50 Victoria c.5). Beginning in 1888, the Registrar of Vital Statistics could record as official the birth of an individual years after the fact as long as there was verification of the birth by the doctor or others who were present or had knowledge of the event. This still occurs but is less frequent because of modern, comprehensive registration systems. After 1888, the oldest birth recorded was for someone born in 1810. The forms used to register the births include information such as the place of birth, full name of child, sex of child, date of birth, background information on the father and mother, name of doctor, name of informant, date of registration. Up to 1900, these documents are arranged according to the year of the birth, and coded by letter of the alphabet. Beginning in 1900, they were given a sequential number each year and filed in numerical order.

The Indexes provided here contain the name of the person whose birth is being registered late, name of father, name of mother, date of birth, place and county of birth, the microfilm number and document code where the actual late registration form can be found and viewed. This information is transferred to the Provincial Archives for public inspection 95 years after the year of birth.

The Archives will attempt to update this electronic index yearly with each new accrual of late registrations.