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View  A Triumphant Refutation of Joseph Howe's Anti-Confederation Arguments, by Patrick Bennett
The True Humorist 1866.12.15

View  An Old Schoolmaster's Plea - Patrick Bennett
The Herald 1878.3.30

View  Bigotry of the Chronicle Newspaper
The True Liberator 1847.7.10

View  Celebrating the Twelfth of July at Indiantown
The Herald 1877.7.14

View  Comments on Roman Catholics - Politics - Methodist - Presbyterian View
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.16

View  Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Colonel of the United Irishmen
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser 1798.9.11

View  Dr. Collins' Funeral
The True Liberator 1847.7.10

View  Horish, a Chimney Sweep Suspected of Conspiring with United Irishmen to Blow up Public Buildings
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser 1798.9.11

View  Irish Emigrants from Rio de Janeiro
New Brunswick Courier 1828.9.20

View  Irish Emigrants from South America
New Brunswick Courier 1828.9.6

View  Irish League - Society Formed to Disseminate Knowledge of Ireland - Constitution - Friends of Ireland
New Brunswick Courier 1848.7.22

View  Letter From Johnville to the Editor
The Herald 1878.1.5

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - Charles Connell and Government Members
The Herald 1878.2.16

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - Charles Connell Speaks on Johnville
The Herald 1878.2.2

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - Charles Connell's Defeat in the Election
The Herald 1878.2.9

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - Elections
The Herald 1878.2.23

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - Politics and Elections
The Herald 1878.3.2

View  Letter From Mr. MaGee to the Editor - The Irish Grievance
The Herald 1878.2.23

View  Letter From St. George to the Editor - Regarding the Irish Grievance and Hon. A.H. Gillmor
The Herald 1878.1.12

View  Letter to the Editor Regarding Political Patronage
The True Liberator 1847.7.10

View  Mourning for Daniel O'Connell - Funeral Obsequies
The True Liberator 1847.7.3

View  Mutiny - Rio de Janeiro
New Brunswick Courier 1828.8.9

View  O'Connell's Memory
The True Liberator 1847.7.3

View  O'Connell's Memory
The True Liberator 1847.7.10

View  Patrick Bennett's Review of Joseph Howe's Pamphlet - Confederation Vindicated
The True Humorist 1866.12.1

View  Poem on Repeal
New Brunswick Courier 1831.9.24

View  Rio De Janeiro - A Faithful Sketch
Times 1828.8.28

View  Rio de Janeiro - Highlander passengers
New Brunswick Courier 1828.9.13

View  Rio de Janeiro Emigrants
New Brunswick Courier 1828.9.27

View  Rio De Janeiro Mutiny
Times 1828.8.15

View  St. Patrick's Society Not Representative of St. John Irish
The Morning Freeman 1859.12.3

View  That Irish Grievance Again - Provide Burial for Remains
The Herald 1878.2.2

View  That Real Irish Grievance - Human Bones Exposed by Gale and Sold
The Herald 1878.1.5

View  The Hardwood Island Matter - Action Taken
The Herald 1878.2.23

View  The Hardwood Scandal - Exposed Remains of Irish Immigrants
The Herald 1878.2.9

View  The St. Croix Courier on Hardwood Island
The Herald 1878.3.9

View  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Reception
The Morning Freeman 1859.8.27

View  United Irishmen - Insurgency
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser 1798.8.24

View  United Irishmen - Insurrection Spreads
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser 1798.8.31

View  United Irishmen - Letter from the North of Ireland
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser 1798.8.31

View  United Irishmen - Revolution in Ireland
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser 1798.8.24