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The True Humorist
The True Liberator

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View  1847.07.03  "The Emigrant's Friend" to Patrick Bennett, Editor, Regarding Acting Emigrant Agent Woodward

View  1847.07.03  Anecdote of Benedict Arnold's Life

View  1847.07.03  The Captain of the Watch in a State of Grace

View  1847.07.03  Dr. Collins Obituary - Died on Partridge Island

View  1847.07.03  Commodore Taylor and Extortion on Partridge Island

View  1847.07.03  "Fair Play" to Patrick Bennett, Editor Regarding Drunken Watchmen

View  1847.07.03  "A Shop Keeper" to Patrick Bennet, Editor, Regarding Horse Refuse in the Street

View  1847.07.03  "A Looker On" to Patrick Bennett, Editor, Regarding Riot Witnessed

View  1847.07.03  Mourning for Daniel O'Connell - Funeral Obsequies

View  1847.07.03  O'Connell's Memory

View  1847.07.03  Return for Partridge Island - Admissions and Deaths - Dr. Harding's Patients on the Island

View  1847.07.03  The Lawyer and Mrs. Vulcan

View  1847.07.03  Convictions under the Passenger Act - Captain Yorke, Barque Lindon, Galway

View  1847.07.10  Bigotry of the Chronicle Newspaper

View  1847.07.10  Dr. Collins' Funeral

View  1847.07.10  Testimony of Extortion on Partridge Island

View  1847.07.10  Letter to the Editor Regarding Political Patronage

View  1847.07.10  O'Connell's Memory

View  1847.07.10  Partridge Island & the Rottenness of the Press

View  1847.07.10  "A Citizen" to Patrick Bennett, Editor, Regarding Partridge Island Investigation

View  1847.09.11  Letter to Patrick Bennett, Editor, Regarding Woodstock Riot Trial

View  1847.09.11  Editorial - English Perfidy & Ireland

View  1847.09.11  Lynch Law

View  1847.10.02  Jury Challenge - Woodstock Riots

View  1847.10.02  The Loyalist up the River