Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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HMS Amphitrite.   Identification of the vessel, the Amphitrite ship-of-war, that transported the Loyalist refugees from New York to Annapolis, 19 October, 1782.

The Union transport vessel, Return of the Famelies, &c., Embark'd on board the Union Transport, Consett Wilson, Master, began Huntington Bay April 11th, & Compleated April 16th, 1783.

Manifest of the Eagle, New York to Saint John, N.B., September, 1783, carrying 240 passengers.


List of Vessels employed by the Crown at New York in 1781.

Wrecks, Ships-of-War lost on the coast of Nova Scotia and Sable Island, during the Eighteenth Century — S. D. Macdonald, F.G.S., 1884.

Notes on Nova Scotian Privateers, George E. E. Nichols, 1904.